Business Profile

Quantum Comms Pty Ltd began trading in 2013 as ‘Quantum Travel Towers’ (QTT) providing truck mounted Elevated Working Platforms (EWPs) across a range of industries in Victoria.  As the company expanded so did the range of services provided. 

Quantum Comms currently has a fleet of 10 truck mounted EWPs reaching up to 70m.  All of our machines have current 10 year inspections and are monitored and maintained by conducting daily prestart checks to enable us to deliver safe and reliable equipment to each job site.    

Current fleet

1 x 70m Bronto tower 8x8 Scania

1 x 54m Ruthmann Steiger Tower 8x8 Man

1 x 55m Cella tower 8x8 Mercedes

2 x 55m Bronto towers 8x8 Scania

1 x 46m Bronto tower on 6x6 Scania

1 x 45m Cella tower 4x8 Scania

2 x 40m Starprobe tower 4x8 Mitsubishi and 4x8 Hino

With over 20 years combined experience in the telecommunications industry, Quantum Comms is a first choice for comms installs.  Owner and Director, Andrew Drenovski, leads his crews of competent riggers to complete works from fault finding and swap outs, to full upgrades and up to full installation on green field sites.

Quantum Comms currently have four crews running including HV linesmen, electricians, a plumber and a boilermaker. All of our workers are enthusiastic and keen to travel so we are able to provide our services throughout Australia.

The capabilities of the company based on works that have been completed range from upgrades and maintenance to full green field installations from procurement of all materials right through to completion on HV towers, Monopoles, Towers and Rooftops.  Works include:

  • Procurement of materials
  • Obtain relevant permits to work
  • Civils work
  • Cable runs
  • Hut Installation
  • Complete External comms install
  • Complete Internal comms install
  • Testing and commissioning

We also have a crane truck with 12t Hiab and 18m reach and two capstan winches with the availability of wire winches to assist in our installations.

We are committed to providing a safe working environment in a dangerous industry.  All employees and subcontractors undertake regular training and refreshers to ensure that their skills are kept up to date and in line with industry standards.  



We have worked on mast builds up to 100m, 30+ tower builds both three and four legs up to 75m including all associated civils works. Over 20 monopoles, both direct embedment and slabs and on rooftops jobs, both greenfield sites and upgrades.  Works have included installing site access and power.  We have built ODU slabs and done ODU swap outs, microwave links, 300mm dish - 4m dish installs running from wave guide to RG-40 at heights above 150 meters as well as installing links from Geelong to Portland and then from King Island to Tasmania.

For Telstra we installed an SDH high capacity data backbone from Launceston to Devonport and from Devonport to Rosebury.  We also worked in outback NSW running Telstra links for landlines.  

We were previously involved in the Jersey Project and carried on with Telstra 4G and are currently working on Optus Ejv and LTE. 


HV Towers

We have installed 15 sites of Ejv on the HV tower set ups which include civils (new conduit and power runs, pit install and ODU and hut slabs) steel strengthening, new head frame rebuilds, obtaining SP Ausnet permits to work on the towers, supplying HV riggers and hut swap outs. 



We have installed Ejv/LTE which include full head frame swap outs with the running of 30 cables including trunk cables, collar mount swaps, new tray way installation, new hut installs/ODU installs and erecting new monopoles for full comms installs.  We have camouflaged monopoles into palm trees and pine trees.


Towers/Guide masts

Full tower builds from access tracks, power supply, fiber supply and foundations for full comms install.   



From a standard rooftop to a full installation which includes removing roof sheeting to install all supporting stays, mount foundations and installs and re sheeting of roof.  Installation of all walkways and hand railing and re-roofing and sealing work area.



Our Address

U1/4-6 Nova Court, Craigieburn, VIC, 3064

Get in touch for Tower Hire 24/7

03 9219 0948

Office hours Monday – Friday 9am-5pm

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